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Just chopped off my hair for the big 40. Probably buy a red sports car and get a mistress next. - Idina Menzel


LMFAO makes fun music about partying and everyone is like “haha it’s so fun. those dudes have a wacky cool time and it’s harmless pop anyone can live!”

Ke$ha makes fun music about partying and everyone is like “wow clearly she is vapid and unintelligent and her music is awful and she is also awful”

I wonder why that is???

(I know why that is)

(it’s misogyny)

(that’s why)

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so TERF was a term that was obviously coined by trans women and a lot of people know it as meaning “trans exclusionary radical feminist” (and i did too until just recently) but it originally stood for “trans exterminatory radical feminist” and TERFs changed the meaning of it to make it sound less horrible

so in case you needed more reason to hate TERFs there you go have some blatant silencing of trans women



Remi Alade-Chester by Taschka Turnquist




Little knitted pigeon enjoying come crisps on the pavement…

I thought that only the bag of chips was knitted so I was like lmaoo fucking idiot bird got owned then I saw that the bird was knitted as well then I realized I was the fucking idiot bird getting owned

I thought it was the fault in our stars

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salandered replied to your post “That Marina reaction image I’m cackling”

Lord god it was very fake and not even cute, and people are like ‘I need to do this to an obviously closeted person’, like no you need to never do that you need to literally never.

i saw that hahahah “i need to do this to an obviously closeted person in my school”

they will not cry and say “it’s so hard to feel accepted”, that will never happen from a person who is so closeted they bully other people, are you kidding me? 

they will probably get very angry and lash out at you.

knowing tumblr the “obviously closeted person” is a pretty white boy that the person ships with another pretty white boy because they hate each other and have “ust” or some shit

salandered asked:
That Marina reaction image I'm cackling

oh god i thought this would be someone on my ass like “pfffftttt it might be a lie but it’s still cute” like oh bitch please, i’ll reblog a post i can tell is made up if it’s truly very very funny but that one made me roll my eyes so far back into my head i could see my frontal lobe.

and on facebook i go for lies by the violent femmes haha




Kill all POC queer trans womyn

I love how they took this fuckin bait.
Also loving the satire.
If this posts notes proved anything it’s that the second you post some shit about minorities everyone’s up your ass. But hey let’s joke about exterminating cis white males that’s cool rite?

get some hobbies